Friday, January 25, 2008

30 Dollars to learn to shoot a Palestinian

Israel has the right to defend itself. At any cost, in any proportion and in defiance of international law and human rights conventions. At a time when European audiences are shocked by stories of African child-soldiers and while Palestinian mothers are blamed for selfishly sacrificing their stone-throwing youth, for the reasonable price of 30 US Dollars The Israeli organization Magen Yehuda finds it acceptable to train 7 year olds at the art of ‘self-defense’. This is not only targeted at Israeli citizen but also at visitors of the country and tourists who are invited to share the ‘experience’ of Israelis faced with the specter of daily terrorism. For a people eager for peace as we are told, some of them appear to be enjoying the war games and the M-16s a bit much.For the more adventurous check out the practical artillery tour at

Who wouldnt want friendly neighbours like these!


1 comment:

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