Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Of Campaigns and Elections

These days it is common to see a commercial or artistic video circulating on the net that backs a candidate or promotes a political campaign. Traditionally it is 'the West' that uses arts and modern advertising techniques in the political arena. while in the Arab World; campaigners still rely on direct and unambiguous emotional and patriotic imagery such in the style of the “Iraquna” campaign promoting security in Iraq as seen on Al Arabiya.
Image is important in all democratic contests. The candidates in the 2008 US presidential race are spending millions on a huge creative potential including arts and entertainment in addition to the more traditional propaganda tools. In comparison, creativity and perception are less important in Egypt for example. Last January, three months prior to the local elections; the Egyptian government orders the public arrest of more than 30 members of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation in Alexandria. In a great media twist a senior Egyptian security source comfortably declares to AFP : “These are routine measures taken by the police before every elections”.We suspect a growing market for media consultancy. If you are going to pretend to organise free and fair elections, at least do it in style.
Below two videos that will clarify the problem if there’s any confusion left (the second one is only used to stress on the way security forces "behaved" on day "D") .

American Campaining 2008

Egyptian Elections 2005

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