Monday, November 10, 2008

Israelis do it Again: Golani Brigade Soldiers Abuse Blindfolded Palestinian

We have chosen to embed this video showing Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade abusing a blindfolded Palestinian. A few months ago, it was a Palestinian amateur who captured a scene of an Israeli soldier firing a rubber bullet at a blindfolded Palestinian. The Israeli army is now investigating this new video, the same way it investigated the first one. The outcome of the rubber bullet case investigation was even more outrageous than the incident itself: the Israeli officer who gave the order to fire on the blindfolded Palestinian has been suspended for…10 days.
The same outcome is expected in the Golani abuse case. But what is not expected is to see an end to abuse soon. We finally take the opportunity to remind of other episodes of abuse against Palestinians perpetrated by Israeli settlers, which remain unpunished. As if the olives harvest season has sadly become a ritual of violence, not worth any investigation!


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